Wapato Showdown

The Wapato Showdown is organized by the Gaston Oregon Pythians. We are a non-profit organization. Our purpose is to promote good will between men to help strengthen man-kind for the future. You can find more details about our organizational structure. Look in the Gaston Oregon Pythians Gallery, Lodge # 104. -Oregon State Pythians

Click on logo below to upload your photos of the 2017 car show and I will re-post them.

car and camper flyers for 2018

Jessi Cornforth

Miss Rodeo 2018

For a place to eat in Gaston click below !

Gaston Market

Screamin' Chicken Diner

The One Horse Tavern

Scoggins Creek Coffee

Jessi Cornforth

Miss Rodeo 2018
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