Life is a one time offer, use it well !

Embrace all of your hardships and mistakes in order to truly appreciate who you’re becoming and all of the growth you will endure.

Don’t let your past define you, let it strengthen you and push you further than you ever thought you could go !

This is a 1955 Chrysler 300. It had two 4 barrel carburetors, a 150 MPH speedometer. You could step on the gas pedal at 95 MPH and it would squeal the tires. I know because my family had one and like an idiot, at 16 years old, I drove it at 125 MPH and scared the heck out of me and my friends. Of course I pretended to be cool, but I shaking inside. I think that in 1955 this was the fastest production car in the world.  Fred

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